Colombian music during quarantine times…

By 25 August, 2020 Novedades

Quarantine has been an uncertain period, but it has also been maybe the gap we needed to encounter with ourselves and to see things in a different way. It has also been a good time for perhaps, catching up with those books readings and to update in the learning or re-learning of the music that has been there on our shelves waiting to be re-discovered.

Indeed it has been the case for Francisco Gonzalez, Colombian Suite No. 1 that I performed around twelve years ago, last time in Canada. This time I made a homemade record for the National Museo of Colombia.

Here are then, Bambuqueando and pasillo Canela.

  • Alan Slater says:

    Greetings Irene.
    I hope that you are well.
    Thank God for internet and modern. technology which enables us, your fans, to enjoy your amazing Music and Progress!

    • Irene Guitar says:

      Hello dear Alan! I hope you are doing well! I have to apologize to reply so late! I am new to this way of communication and in fact did not realise that I could receive message on my website. Thank you so much for leave your nice comment:) I hope you are well and the pandemia that is slowly calming down will bring soon hope of peaceful and joyful times! Take care meanwhile! all best,

  • Irene Gómez Classical Guitarist