The music of Amos Coulanges


It was in my first years in Paris as a student when I first got aware of the music by Haitian composer Amos Coulanges.

This was thanks to a friend of mine from Canada married to a talented painter who lived in Paris. She was a big fan of Amos and she introduced me to his great musical art.

The universal Caribean genious Leo Brouwer, said about the music by Amos Coulanges: The music of Amos Coulanges is truly representative of his Haitian culture: fresh as a landscape, direct as the trait of the “Creole” youth but at the same time equally complex…How can you combien so many diverse things into one?This can only be done in our Caribbean Islands. Thus the music of Amos Coulanges.

I have the opportunity to record “Variations apres “Adieu Foulard” and his hommage to Franz Casseus “Nan Fon Bwa” (both appeared in the CD Deep in the wood”).

Recently his music has been edited by Productions D’Oz.

And here is a little taste of his music: Se Sya, by Amos Coulanges, released on the channel of Siccas Guitars. Enjoy !

Irene Gomez plays Granada by Isaac Albeniz

rene Gomez is sponsored by Irene Gomez features music by Spanish composer Isaac Albeniz. More music played played by Irene at, iTunes,, —————- Following the advice of his teacher Felipe Pedrell, Isaac Albeniz,(1860-1909) composed inspired in folk music of Spain! Albeniz enjoyed the admiration of French composer Claude Debussy and at the same time he was an influence for composers like Manuel de Falla.


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