Irene Gómez performs “El Retrato de Cecil”, a new piece for Colombian guitar repertoire

A visit to the French Ambassy on July 14th 2019

One of the projects in which I have been involved in the last years is to promote and perform new music written by Colombian composers. I have recently the opportunity to work on the piece by Carlos Lora “El retrato de Cecil”. I was very thrilled to learn this piece that Carlos composed inspired in his beloved mother, Cecil and he kindly dedicated to me. I hope you like this beautiful piece added to the new Colombian guitar repertoire!

I was so glad to being able to perform “El Retrato de Cecil” by Carlos Lora

Wish you a peaceful and happy new year 2020 full of rewarding experiences!

Dear Friends
2019 was a special year  where different goals have  been set. One of these was to work on the music of great Haitian  composer Amos Coulanges.

Another  project  I have been working on and that I hope to bring to fruition this year is the recording of a new Cd with the  music by fellow contemporary Colombian composers. Some of the pieces have been dedicated to me which I consider an special honor for me to perform.
There are many other projects in the making but for the moment and beginning this new year I want to leave you with a taste of the music by Amos Coulanges

Please stay tuned for  updates on all these projects! And may this year be a beautiful one for each and every one of you.

Thanks you always for your support!

Yours in music, Irene
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Concert in Madrid at Contreras House

What a great opportunity I had to perform in such a special place for me such as Contreras Guitar House from which I have been part playing a beloved Contreras for around 25 years!!


Irene performed at “Allegro Colombia”

Cantique de Noel (Adolphe Adam) another piece performed today at the Chidren’s Hospital for ‘Allegro Colombia’

Today was a special day visiting the Heart Children Hospital to play some Christmas music as part of the community program that Allegro Colombia develops in hospital centers in Bogota, Colombia. Here, I got this excerpt of the beautiful J.S. Bach ‘Jesu, Joy of man’s desiring’…

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