Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Irene Gomez with his father Vicente Gomez

Irene Gomez with composer Michael Lee at Juilliard Commencement ceremony on May 2012

With Maestro Jorge Morel and Jonathan in New York.

Irene Gomez with  guitarist Michael Lorimer

Irene Gomez in a concert at St.Merri Church in Paris

Irene Gomez  with guitarists Nicola Toscano and Álvaro Covarubias at the Theater Chatelet in Paris

Irene Gomez Summer Festival in Sobernheim,with American Guitarist Eliot Fisk

Irene Gomez with family and maestro Gentil Montaña and guitarist Roberto Martinez

Irene Gomez in a concert at Liestal, Switzerland

Irene Gomez in a concert at Saint Julien Le Pauvre with Daniel Sánchez in Paris