Monday, 18 June 2018

It was very pleasant to finish with my recital on past Thursday October 30th a month of activities devoted to Saint Francis of Assis in Bogota. I enjoyed working for that day music by Bach, Albeniz and Tàrrega. The audience was attentive and they expressed warmly at the end of the concert how much they did appreciate the concert that evening. 

Irene Gomez performed on September 25th at the Colombian Consulate. She performed music by Turina, Brouwer, Lauro, Yocoh and Colombian composers J.E. Gonzalez, P. Sarmiento and J.C. Guio. 

 Irene Gomez will be playing next Thursday September 25th at 6:30 at Colombian  Consulate in Paris.

Her programe includes works by Colombian composers Jesus E. Gonzalez, Pedro Sarmiento and Juan Carlos Guio and also the classics Turina, Brouwer, Coulanges.

Colombian Consulate

12, Rue Berri



I recently wrote the article about the daily musicians devices like "tempo" and the right use of metronome. (Edited by John Wunsch). With a supported research, this article also talks about how the new techonlogies have also been reflected in new awesome devices to use appropriately for musicians. Read  this article at and enjoy it discovering curiosities and historic intereresting facts!


On June 28th I had the pleasure to give a master class and a concert at Sage Music in Long Island City, New York. 

It was great to listen some of the talented students and play afterwards a concert with music of Colombian composers such  as J.E. Gonzalez and Pedro Sarmiento along with classics like Turina, Barrios, Coulanges et Brouwer among others.

In the image I am well surrounded by  students and Jason Sagebiel director of Sage Music and my good colleague the talented Gohar Vardanyan. 

Irene Gomez was the guest of Andres Samper for the celebration of 10 years of his program  "One guitar, One thousand worlds". Carlos Rocca was also in the radial conversation.