Monday, 18 June 2018

Irene Gómez  opens this blog at Strings By Mail, with a casual conversation with Lawrence Lampton about her guitar and her experience as a musician.

From now everybody can find easily the score of the sweet piece composer and guitarist dedicated recently to Irene Gomez, "Theme for Irene"


On March 7th 2014 Irene Gomez  performed a special concert at Caro y Cuervo Institute in Bogota, and  Maria Luisa Rodriguez and Maria Stella Gonzalez received a special award for a life research on indigenous languages from Colombia. 



Irene Gomez  features "Theme for Irene" written by Scott Ouellette

Watch it at:

On past December 11th,  Irene performed a concert in order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Chapel 'Cristo Maestro'.

A full house accompanied Irene who played among others 'Fantasia after "La Traviata" and "La Catedral  by Agustin Barrios.

On past November 25th,  Tom Quick presented in his program "Women in Music" works from Irene Gomez' CDs.

Among others, the music of  Leo Brouwer and Gentil Montaña made part of this program. 

So special that night,  to be between musicians like  Janine Jansen, Valerie Tryion and Anne Sophie Mutter.